The Conner Sisters
The Conner Sisters

The Conner Sisters are two southern sisters that have developed the gifts given to them through thier lineage in the form of Intuitives, Psychic Mediums, Teachers of the Spritual Arts, Life Coaches, Reiki Masters and Appalachian Cunning Folk.

"Little did I know that my life would change forever. I owe it to the beautiful Conner Sisters. Misty and Ashley are the sweetest people I have ever met. Went in for only a reading but came back out with tears of joy and a new Family" 

Nicholas T*

Who are the Conner Sisters? 

Learn how the Sisters started down thier path to help people.



The Conner Sisters’ Shop

One of a kind products hand made by the Sisters. Whether you are looking for a conjuring, enchanted jewelry or a macob item, the Conners have a wide verity of items available for thier clients.

How to contact the Sisters? 

Learn how to become a client of the Conner Sisters. 

The Conner Sisters are a proud member of the 

The Sisterhood of Magick and Wonders


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