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Misty and Ashley Conner exploded onto the ​paranormal scene in 2010 as two of the founders of the Sisters of Salem (S.O.S) Society of Paranormal Research. Since then, this energetic sister duo has investigated notorious locations of haunted reputation across America.


The sisters grew up fascinated by all aspects of the paranormal. Their grandmother often told them stories featuring ghostly characters. Living in the mountains of South Western Virginia there was lore and magick the two sisters grew up understanding. These haunting tales of phantom activity launched a curiosity of the supernatural that remains unabated today. 

This inquisitiveness coupled with their insatiable thirst for investigating haunted locations opened a door for them to develop their psychic abilities. Now when they investigate a site, they are able to connect directly with the energy of the souls taking up residence or traveling through the location. 


As their public profile has grown, they have been featured in books, (one of the books, "Spells and Stories of the Sisterhood of Magick and Wonders" which the two made their debut as authors) magazines, newspaper articles and a documentary that is slated to release in the fall of 2022, Season of the Witch.


One of the numerous gifts the sisters have is reading Tarot cards. They felt that the same intuition and gifts that were useful at investigating could be used to help others. As they dove further into their spiritual journey their senses developed greatly as if they were predestined to be on this path. The cards have called to the sisters from a young age to explore and harness their intuitive gifts into a way that is meant to help client’s on their own personal life journeys and ponderments. The dynamic duo have advised numerous businesses and entrepreneurs into finding their path to success and prosperity.


The spirited sisters have also toured across the US giving educational lectures, conducting seances, gallery readings, healing seasons, cleansing and classes on spiritual development. With pursuing this path, the sisters often wondered why they were drawn to this macob way of life. Their ponderments were answered as they explored deeper into their lineage to find their Appalachian roots ran deep. They came across stories of their ancestors being able to remove ailments and afflictions. As the sisters educated themselves on where they came from, their gifts flourished even more.


On this endeavor of traveling America, the Conner duo has come to realize that their gifts are not just linked to any single tool. The cards were just a gate way into this unknown exploration of gifts. They are both Reiki Masters, psychic mediums, published authors and skilled at linking their vibrations to give the message that is meant from the other side.


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