Misty Conner breaks the mold of the traditional psychic by adding life to the dead when she deciphers your personal messages from your ancestors and spirit guides. Misty is a well-established psychic medium who presents her gifts in the manner of bold animated heartfelt life guidance and messages from beyond.


A mystic of the mountains,  Misty has been featured across the United States at various conventions and workshops, as well as news articles, documentary films and other publications. Through out her career, Misty, in various ways, has advised multiple successful and wealthy businesses, assisted in missing persons cases and comforted the distraught dealing with anything from relationship advice to revealing the last words of the dying. Misty's goal is to assist her clients in reaching their full potential. Through her bold personality, she gives her clients what they NEED to know to put the individual on the correct path of personal discovery.


When not experiencing the beautiful interactions with clients, colleagues, and friends, she resides on the Conner homestead, nestled on a backroad in Virginia nourishing her Appalachian farm raised roots.

Misty is part of a long line of generations that carry and pass on the innately intuitive gene. Her Appalachian witch pedigree dates back to the fearful times when witches in the Appalachian mountains were known as “healers”. The “healers” would pass on traditions down bloodlines under the blanket of healing rituals and a deep understanding of nature that some would dismiss as superstition.


Misty's featured tools of choice include tarot, runes, and to continue the family line of Appalachian healing. She performs the exquisite traditional folk magic cleanse, conjoining her certified mastery of Reiki, and traditional folk magic. She pulls negative unwanted energy from the individual whilst infusing healing when needed.


Misty, alongside her biological sister, Ashley, had been drawn to the destined path of the occult and paranormal from a young age. Though resistant of the calling at first, due to the strict criticism of many of those in the southern Bible Belt,  they both eventually embraced their secret bloodline.


So fate has a fickle path, a person the sisters consider a mother from another life, recruited both Misty and her sister, for their hidden witchy talents. She could see a path before the sisters that gave them the opportunity to help clients with their gifts. One thing was apparent, the sisters remained true to their selves and their gifts. They remind the world of the forgotten ways, and continue to shed light on the misconception of what an intuitive magical being from the Appalachia is.

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