Ashley Conner is a psychic medium with profound gifts who travels the United States enlightening those who question or are interested in the afterlife and occult matters. Known for her motivational speeches, seances, and one-on-one readings. Ashley has been featured in a multitude of media, from news articles, publications, and documentaries not to mention, she is a published author herself.

One of Ashley's foundest accomplishments in her spiritual journey was being a radio show host who brought humor into the field of the paranormal. Fortunately, Misty and Ashley, had undeniably quick wits, entertaining personalities, and such a lovable sister “chemistry” that a radio network recruited them for an educational paranormal comedy radio show. The show lasted successfully for years and touched numerous listeners, and the concept was eventually signed to a production company. With her sister by her side, the duo joined thier first paranormal research group in Virginia in 2009 whic was TAPs associated. They proceeded to investigate countless locations notoriously inhabited by the undead. They proudly assisted these locations in ghost hunts, historical tours, Halloween haunted houses and other events. With great pride of being some of the first to investigate locations to deem them “active for public."


Ashley has assisted in cold cases of missing persons, as well as, active criminal cases. Ashley’s ultimate goal in her psychic works is to shed light on the past and assist in helping her clients make informed decisions that will impact their future. She strives to guide individuals through the spiritual realm, with the comforting feel of talking to an old loyal friend who listens. The one thing she does exquisitely is make sure her clients understand they are not alone. She uses her gifts to reassure whoever is lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a reading by her. No matter if the issue is big or small she address them with the same deligents she would want given to her. She delivers messages from the other side in ways to make her clients prosper, thrive and in some cases face difficult challenges ahead with ease and solutions.


Believing you're always a student as well as a teacher in life, Ashley is always adding certifications and degrees to her professional resume to better assist her clients; as well as, adapting her natural gifts to various outlets. Gaining knowledge and skills through workshops, experience, and scholastic endeavors, Ashley loves to incorporate unique out-of-the-box teaching techniques to her own magic class tutoring.

Ashley is from a long line of “healers” known to magically heal anyone in need, whether they are animals, friends or family. Ashley has continued the tradition naturally, and also acquired her masters in Reiki.


From stealing her sister's tarot cards, to checking out voodoo books from the public libraries by using written checkout cards, it’s fair to say that Ashley was drawn to her magical heritage from a young age. Her fascination with the paranormal, occult, cryptids and witchcraft came natural, as she was raised in the Bible Belt on a secluded farm nestled in the Appalachian mountains. Her empathic and healing skills developed as a second nature to Ashley. The seclusion of the farm gave sanctuary to her witchy odd interests for her sister and her to experiment, without judgement. Ashley’s tools of choice for divination began with tarot cards and these magical cards will forever be close to her heart and remain her first choice for divination.


Ashley loves all forms of divination and studies intensely to experience each tool and practice. She does believe that the divination tools meant for you, will call to you. Ashley has picked up bone readings known formally as, “throwing bones” through her journey of spiritual discovery. Ashley travels alongside other magical spiritual leaders to help make magic in a world that has forgotten how beautiful the experience truly is.

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