The Conner Sisters
The Conner Sisters

Products hand made in the Appalachian Mountains by the Conner Sisters on thier family homestead.

Hand forged Key Necklace #2

Lunar Rosary Style Enchanted Nechlace

Hand forged Key Necklace

Versatile Knot Magick Manifestation Beads-Orange

Versatile Knot Magick Manifestation Beads- Lapis

Lunar Goddess Necklace on Deerskin

Pentacle on adjustable Deerskin lace

The Keys to your Future Earrings

Wish Pinecone manifestationsYule Spell

Protection to the Max Earrings!

Triple Goddess Earrings- Clear

Triple Goddess Earrings Red

Pentacle Earrings Green

Key Earrings Blue Marbel

Triple Moon Goddess Earrings with Shell Bead

Rosary Style Necklace with a Witches' Touch- Green

Versatile Knot Magick Manifestation Beads-Pink

 Versatile Knot Magick Manifestation Beads-Green

 Versatile Knot Magick Manifestation Beads in Tigers eye and Red Jasper

 Versatile Knot Magick Manifestation Beads- Tigers eye and Wooden jasper

Versatile Knot Magick Manifestation Beads- Turquoise 

Key to the future earrings with Red Jasper

Pentacle Earrings -Amethyst

Opalite Arrowhead Earrings

Hand Crafted Anhk

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The Conner Sisters




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